Travel consultants are trip guides, connecting you to the various destinations through recommendations. From destinations and all-in-one resorts, to the more specific restaurants, sightseeing options, and even trendy hotspots, a travel consultant does it all. For over 70 years, the person-to-person experience has been at the very core of our mission. It’s what we’ve always done, and now it’s more important than ever. To ensure your next vacation is as priceless as your last, we are committed to offering you expert guidance, irresistible value, true peace of mind, and dedicated service.

Time Savers

Armed with the latest information about packages, properties, and new activities, travel consultants have inside information that you’d have to spend hours searching for online. With years of experience and first hand knowledge, travel consultants save you countless hours and plan your trip with expertise no search engine can give. Plus, they’ll do price comparisons, provide insider tips, restaurant recommendations, and more, depending upon your preferences and destination.

Well Connected

From rooms with the best views to construction updates and upcoming events, Signa  Travel consultants have all the inside info you can’t find on your own. Their industry connections not only help get you the best value for your journey, they also deliver access to exclusive packages, the ability to make unique requests, and assist in special arrangements that would be almost impossible to do on your own.

Readily Available

Signa Travel consultants are available for you, by telephone, through email, and even virtual video consultation. Some are even social savvy, allowing you to access their deals, expertise, and recommendations on social media. And even once you’ve completed booking, your partnership doesn’t end there. Whether it’s a change in plans before your trip or needing something while you’re away, your Signa Travel consultant is available to assist.

That Personal Touch

Masters at finding the perfect destination and resort for even the most discerning traveller, travel consultants work with you one-on-one to pair you with that all-inclusive property, luxury spa resort, or family-friendly getaway. It’s this kind of customized approach that makes travel planning with an consultant a stress-free experience. From rebooking during a weather-related event and battling unexpected cancellations to handling issues with your accommodations, your travel consultant acts as your personal travel advocate.

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